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The Hexagon of Natural Rights


As the founder and Chairman of the Kopaonik School of Natural Law, Academician Prof. Dr. Slobodan Perović, constituted the Hexagon of Natural Rights which gathers all legal and social disciplines around six pillars of universal civilization (Life, Freedom, Property, Intellectual Creation, Justice, State Ruled by Law). These six pillars of the Hexagon also represent the departments of the Kopaonik School of Natural Law, bringing together a range of allied disciplines.

Built on the system established by the Hexagon as the fount and scientific motive, the Kopaonik School of Natural Law operates within 25 to 30 sections, each dealing with specific issues within a department. Right to Life (Life, Health, Ecology, Sports); Right to Freedom (Protection of Personality under Criminal Law and Procedural Law, Freedom of Thought and Expression, Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Personality, Protection of Freedom under Administrative Law); Right to Property (Codification, Property and Other Property Rights, Property and Inheritance, Contract, Tort Liability, Tax, Companies, International Commercial Contracts, Arbitration, Insurance, Banks and Banking, Labor Relations); Right to Intellectual Creation (Right to Take Part in Cultural Life of the Community, Copyright, Industrial Property Right, Right to Share in Scientific Advancement); Right to Justice (General Concept of the Right to Justice, Court in Connexity with Justice – Constitutional Judiciary, Court Practice and Role of Courts, International Relations and Justice – international elements, EU Law, Legal Protection of Refugees); Right to a State Ruled by Law (Rule of Law in Theory, Rule of Law in Practice).

Professor Perović described his scientific Hexagon as an expression of integrity of all natural rights, firmly rooted in the philosophy of rational conception of natural law, a unique mosaic where one can distinguish particular colours of individual disciplines, and at the same time recognise the same original generality.

Centered around the Hexagon of Natural Rights, the Kopaonik School is today an originary University of Human Rights based on the philosophy of justice as a rational conception of natural law.