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ISSN 2683-443X. UDC 34

Since December 2019, the publishing activity of the Kopaonik School of Natural Law – Slobodan Perović, which has resulted in the compilation of a copious library of academic papers dedicated to legal theory and practice, has been represented also by the academic journal The Review of the Kopaonik School of Natural Law. The Review publishes academic articles, comparative studies, analyses of court decisions and arbitral awards, comments on national legislation, international conventions, and other uniform legal instruments, as well as book reviews and other scholarly contributions by eminent authors from Europe and across the world. As a periodical of the Kopaonik School of Natural Law – Slobodan Perović, the journal keeps track of the scholarly work and activities of the School, informing its readership about them.

The thematic subject matter of the contributions has been adjusted to the Hexagon of the Kopaonik School of Natural Law: the Right to Life, the Right to Freedom, the Right to Property, the Right to Intellectual Creation, the Right to Justice, and the Right to a State Ruled by Law, and the papers published have been arranged in accordance with the respective Departments of the Kopaonik School. The journal will be published biannually – in May and in December, in the Serbian language, while papers by foreign authors, including certain local ones, will be presented in English. The Review is intended for legal theoreticians from the academia and other scientific institutions, as well as legal practitioners. The papers published in the Review feature a pronounced comparative legal approach, in view of which this journal is particularly useful to those studying comparative law.

Editor-in Chief: Prof. dr Jelena S. Perović Vujačić

Deputy Editor-in Chief: Prof. dr Gordana Ilić Popov

Secretary: Andrea Nikolić

Editorial Board: Prof. dr Gordana Vukadinović, Prof dr Dragor Hiber, prof. dr Dobrosav Milovanović, prof. dr Milan Škulić, prof. dr Milena Petrović, prof. dr Vladan Petrov, prof. dr Nataša Delić, prof. dr Maja Stanivuković, prof. dr Saša Bovan, prof. dr Nikola Mojović, prof. dr Goran Koevski, prof. dr Predrag Bjelić, dr Aleksandra Maganić, dr Zoran Lončar, dr Milena Đorđević, dr Nataša Hadžimanović, dr Thomas Meyer, Ljubica Tomić, Marie-Christine Cimadevilla

International Scientific Board: Xavier Blanc- Jouvan (Professor emeritus at the University of Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne, France), Don Wallace (Chairman of the International Law Institute, Washington, USA), Rajko Kuzmanović (President of Academy of Sciences and Arts of Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina), Jakša Barbić (Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts), Larry A. DiMatteo (Florida University, USA), Tatjana Josipović (University of Zagreb, Croatia), Gian Antonio Benacchio (University of Trento, Italy), Davor Babić (University of Zagreb, Croatia), Burghard Piltz (Ahlers&Vogel, Hamburg, University of Bielefeld, Germany), Francesca Fiorentini (University of Trieste, Italy), Damjan Možina (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia), dr Christa Jessel-Holst (Max Planck Institute for Comparative and International Private Law, Hamburg, Germany), Vitomir Popović (Academy of Sciences and Arts of Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina), Penelope Jane Booth (Newcastle University, UK), Zoran Rašović (Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and Arts, Montenegro), Dr. iur. Simon Gabriel (attorney-at-law, Zurich, Switzerland), Vlado Kambovski (Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts, North Macedonia), Mateja Đurović (King’s College London, UK).

Featured in the Revue internationale de droit comparé


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